The Law Firm Marketing 8-Point Health Check

8 Simple Questions. 3 Quick Minutes. 1 Amazing Result.

"Half The Money I Spend On Advertising Is Wasted; The Trouble Is I Don't Know Which Half"​

This quote is attributed to John Wanamaker, known as the pioneer of marketing, who opened “The Grand Depot”, the first major department store in Philadelphia, in 1875. Sadly, it is still true today.

Of the 50% of law firms in America that actually invest in marketing, most are wasting much of their money, time and resources on stand alone tactics which do not deliver the growth in new clients and increased revenue they were hoping for.

Each tactic individually may have merit, but unless they are correctly integrated to form a seamless journey, moving your customer from awareness through conversion to ascension, the results will disappoint you.

This Law Firm Marketing 8-Point Health Check is designed to give you a quick look at the overall health of your marketing system, based around the principles of the patented Customer Value Journey ®. 

Please review each of the following 8 questions and simply answer YES or NO.

We are Certified Partners of DigitalMarketer, and our clients benefit from the same resources for marketing strategy, tactics and training as has been used by over 126,000 marketers world-wide.

All our team members are required to certify as Digital Marketing Strategists before moving on to complete their role-specific certifications in fields such as Search Marketing, Optimization and Training; Paid Traffic; Analytics and Data; Conversion Funnels; Social Media; Community Management; Content Marketing; Email Marketing; and Copywriting. 

For a more detailed audit, please request your FREE “Self Audit” which provides a deeper dive, and provides Quarterly and Annual Analysis tools. If you have any other Law Firm marketing related questions, request your FREE Consultation with one of our Certified Digital Marketing Strategists – we’d love to hear from you!